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San Leo's  fortress and duomo in Valmarecchia
San Leo's fortress and duomo in Valmarecchia
Montebello's Castle overlook Valmarecchia valley
Montebello's Castle in Valmarecchia

The excitement of being able to look from above and almost plane on a scene, with the stability and fluidity of a steady-cam, is a feature that only belongs to drones. "Explore new perspectives" is not just a claim, it refers to the opportunity, offered by Alba Drone, to have unexpected views but at the same time to the ability to tell the story of the client: every territory, structure, manifestation has a soul: It is that of the people who belong to it.

Thanks to the preliminary study of the project, which will be in team with our journalist Barbara Righini, Alba Drone offers stories to tell and not simply aerial images mounted one after the other. Each video will start from an idea, to share with the customer, from a real subject, and will mix aerial images and images taken on the floor with our professional equipment.

A formula suitable for the promotion of districts, consortia and communities, but also of resorts, farmhouses and farms. Alba Drone is able to structure short stories or  videos that hit the heart at the first shot. Each video can be accompanied by photographs, taken from heights otherwise unattainable if not at the price of expensive helicopter flights.

Alba Drone is also the security of an Enac certification and a SAPR assurance provided by Pagnanelli Risk Solution; It’s the quality assurance, with videos that can be shot in 4K; It’s the completeness of a service that goes from the idea to the finished video, including, if necessary, text captions and speech.

Category: aerial video photography
Goals: creativity


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