Bologna hills
Bologna hills

The using of SAPRs to perform photogrammetric surveys offers many advantages: rapid execution of the relief, the possibility of reaching difficult areas or elevated floors without the need of scaffolds, the possibility of overtaking the affected area at a height much lower than that of an helicopter , higher resolution than airplane surveys and limited costs.

The technique allows you to obtain a three-dimensional, georeferenced and scale model of the detected object. You can thus have several products, including: orthophotos, 3D models (simple or texturized)  planimetries, thematic maps. The relief is executed in 4K, for data processing we use Agisoft's PhotoScan software.

The use of drones is beneficial for the planning of urban interventions, restoration, monitoring of abusive buildings or topographical surveying.

Category: Aerial photogrammetry
Goals: Orthomosaic Dense Cloud 3D Model


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