Construction and industry inspection

photo of aerial inspection
photo of aerial inspection

Monitoring the work progress of a construction site, in order to report to the buyer or for promotional purposes, has never been so easy. Through repeated and scheduled flights, with our Phantom 3 pro- that will follow the same flight plan (angle of shooting, ground resolution, flight height, path ...), it is possible to document and supervise the site in real time, in full security of work. Photogrammetry then allows you to use georeferenced images and to recreate post-production 3D models of the yard.

The drone is also extremely useful for reaching structures that has to be monitored for architectural intervention. For example: bridges or viaduct inspections for a structure analysis are only possible with considerable investments that involve the use of special scaffolds. With images taken from above you can inspect industrial roofs, gutters,  and study terraces and facades otherwise difficult to reach.

Numerous are also the benefits of documentary aerial photography: cost reduction, site accessibility even in areas requiring scaffolding or that are potentially dangerous, a uniform and repeatable method, rapidity of surveys, ability to produce precision mapping

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