Po Delta Park of Emilia Romagna

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Po Delta Park is an exciting trip into one of Italy's most damp environments. We crossed it from Pialassa of Baiona until we reached the Po of Vo-lano.

The Pialassa of Baiona with its canals as well as the Comacchio salt basins, where the Red Tower stands out, are areas of international importance, guarded by Ramsar. In these places, characterized by ample water, stagnant and barren waters, there is a rich biodiversity made of herbs, sponges and various avian species, among which the herons and flamingos.

Going north, we encountered the brackish valley of Canneviè, a damp area carved out of rivers and cannetias. Then we moved to the immense Valle Bertuzzi, an area not far away from the Goro Sacca, where it’s possible to find various species of Birds and the famous Delta horses.

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